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October 2008



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Oct. 10th, 2008


Four months and I'm still waiting for my laptop!
Everytime the guy says "almost done" and I want to rip his throat open.
I miss LJ and reading posts =/.
Junebug bunny is still kicking. He's so adorable and I'm so in love.
I wish he would stop pissing on my bed.
Chris has a girlfriend. I haven't heard from him in months.
I'm gratefully over it, sort of.
Work is fine. I found out we own more than 50% of United Airlines which makes me gloat everytime I hear from one of them because they're always fucked up with regards to our tickets. Apparently we're placing bets for Alitalia, the Italian airline who's going for broke.
The big boss was down from Germany the other day and said we've got too many supervisors.
My supervisor has applied for a higher position so I'll probably have to get a new supi.
I'm rather sad since I've grown rather fond of him.

No other news. Dad is getting old. My brother might come down later this year.
His 15yr old kid is coming to Cape Town at the end of the year.

Oh, I had to take a call from this idiot bitch the other day. I told her for data protection I couldn't just call up a ticket and cancel it without her giving me her ticket information, so she starts yelling.
"Ma'am, there's no need to yell at me"
"I'm yelling at you because you're a stupid fucking Indian with your stupid Indian accent from stupid India!".
She immediatly hung up so I found that rather chicken shit.
Indian accent? I've got a South African accent, which is a cross between a British accent and a Australian accent just a bit more toned down.
Silly bitch.

Anyhow work beckons and this internet connection sucks.
Hopefully I'll have my laptop back by the end of the month then we call all catch up :)

Jun. 17th, 2008

234 xyz

Thank fuck. My dad's going to be fine.
He just walked out of the doctors office.
He says they're not worried about his heart skipping a beat so he shouldn't worry either.
He just has to take another pill or two and see her again in another 2 months.
Words can't describe how fucking happy and relieved I am!
I mean, my dad is turning 80 this year. Yes, I said 80.
We share the same birthday.
I'm only turning 22. I'm the baby of the family, and the absolute fucking favourite without a doubt.
I don't even think my brother or sister knew what was going on.
They're so absorbed in their own families that they barely care.
I can't remember when last I spoke to either of them. Probably 2005. I don't care much for them and they don't care much for me.
It's how it's always been so I'm not used to anything else.
If my sister had to say "I love you and I miss you" to me I'd probably burst out laughing.
As far as I can remember it's always been just me, mom and dad.
Michele and Anthony were always just in the background, having babies and lives and whatnot.
I can see my dad loves them very much and it does hurt him somewhat to never really hear from them or see them.
I know I make up for most of that.
Anyway, I'm just fucking stoked that he's going to be alright.
I was actually getting ready to call work to tell them to go fuck themselves and that I'm going home.
I'd still actually like to do that.

My mom is losing her brain.
"Mum did I leave my one red glove at home?"
"Yes, that white sock is here. Have you found its partner yet?"
"No, screw the white sock, have you seen my red glove??"
"What red glove? Must I send the white sock up for you while you search for its partner? Or should I buy you a new pair?"
"Fuck the bloody white sock!"
"I would but I don't think I have the right equipment!" Haha she's a hoot.
Every time I call she asks about the stupid white sock.
My dads like "Your stupid cat won't leave me alone! She comes and sits on my lap while I'm reading my newspaper, and if I don't give her attention she taps me with her paw!"
"Aw daddy, Georgie just loves you that's all!"
"Today, she stood at the door ready to come and sit on my lap - I just yelled "Fuck OFF!!" and she walked straight out, hahaha".
Aaah I want to go home :(
And my laptop keyboard is being a total bitch. The keys are getting stuck and its frustrating. Stupid 'puter.
Anyway, off to work.

Mar. 5th, 2006

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Blog dissing Victory Records if you care:

Aug. 28th, 2005

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